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Re: Notch questions....crazy ramblings....

> According to my "birth certificate" from VW, she still has the original engine,
> which I thought was pretty cool. Right under the serial #, is the VW in the
> circle symbol, and an "R". Is that just a makers mark, or like a batch #??

I have heard that the R was stamped into the cases of factory rebuilt 
engines.  It is possible that a dealer did the same on yours since it 
is unlikely that you would get the same case back from a factory 
rebuild.  Not sure if any of this is true, however.

> This afternoon, I went to check on that broken brake line....no leak on the
> underside, but a nice little one in the drivers side floor pan.....hmmmmm
> sopped it up, and used my vise grips and clamped the new blue hose from the
> resovoir. I loostened them up all the way so as not to crush it.

If you mean that you tried to clamp a piece of the blue hose on top 
of the metal to stop the leak, this won't work; the pressure is just 
too high to expect it to seal.  You should also know that DoT 3/4 
brake fluid will eat paint off.  Clean it all up quickly with a 
sponge and water.
> Sorry...one more question....when did VW start integrating the door lock into
> the door handle(on the outside)? Mine are 1/4-1/2 inch lower that the handle.
> Is that normal for early T3's? Also I discovered that my pop-out latches have 
> the knob screw down to hold the window open...normal? They are grey.

The integral lock/handle started in 67 or 68.  Are you sure about the 
grey knobs?  I have seen Ivory (off white) and chrome.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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