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Re: HELP!!!!stupid brake lines....

> WELL.......I go to bleed the brakes.....and theres two leaks...squiriting
> all over the place. The first was where I made a "slight" bend to get it to 
> fit, and the second is inside about 4-6" behind the gas pedal. What a pisser!!

You didn't say whether you replaced your master cylinder with the 
later tandem one at the same time (a worthwhile thing to do.)    If 
so, and if your first leak is in one of the two rigid lines that feed 
the front brakes, then you would be better off replacing those lines 
with ones made to go with the tandem cylinder.  I have good used ones 
in stock.  Old rusty lines will often crack if you play with them.

Replacing the long F-R line is probably my LEAST FAVORITE T3 job of 
all time.  It usually takes me 6-8 hours.  You have to remove the 
driver's seat and the floor mats.  The standard replacement lines are 
just a bit too short.  I have stainless steel lines that I had custom 
made to the right length a few years ago, but they are expensive.

New lines can be readily bent by hand, or RMMW has a cheap little 
hand bender that works in pretty close quarters.

> HELP!!! How hard is it to change the entire line? Is there some kind of "T"
> fitting for the rear brakes, where the line comes back?  What are the size of
> the fittings I need to get on the lines? Are the years different? I
> dont think it is......I hope! I guess I have to replace the entire line...
> how far back does it go, before it exits the interior?

Yes, you need to change the entire line.  That single line runs from 
the MC to the Tee on top of the rear subframe just to the left of the 
nose of the tranny.  It is conceivable that you could replace it with 
two pieces that joined in an easy-to-get-to place in the middle, but 
you would have to find someone that could sell you a metric bubble 
flare coupling.  They must be out there, but I've never seen one.  
The fittings are M10 threads.  I think there may be some changes with 
years, VW shows two part numbers, but I think the later, longer part 
will fit early years.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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