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Re: Project update

>  I had the first test
> when it rained and I left the clogged-hose dash vents open and it
> flooded. 

Get those hoses unclogged FIRST!  There is also a chance that there 
are leaves on the bottom of the airbox blocking the entrance to the 
hose, so even if the hoses are clear the water is stuck.  Regardless 
of the vents being open or closed, the water will rather quickly get 
to the floor if it is forced to accumulate in the airbox.  Plus, in 
the early cars it will rust out the metal portion of the airbox.

> 	I'm now trying to get my repainted pedal cluster back in the car.  The
> clutch cable is not cooperating. Haynes suggests one person making slack
> at the tranny end, and the other hooking it onto the pedal lever. 
> Problem is, when I'm working on the car, the "other person" is watching
> the baby...  I suppose it is time to learn the "how to replace adjust a
> clutch" method.

This is really not quite as hard as the books make it seem.  Release 
the cable from the tranny and hook it on the pedal lever.  The cable 
will only fall off if you allow the pedal to fall backwards (toward 
the driver) as you are putting the cluster in.  Once the cluster is 
all the way in the pedal stop on the floor will keep this from 

The early pedal cluster, including 66 but changed by 68, was in two 
pieces, but can be replaced by the late one-piece cluster.  The early 
one is harder to deal with because there are more pieces to hold in 
just the right position while you get the bolts in.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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