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Re: parts problems

	Welcome to the list. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Maybe try
to find a local VW dealer with a service department & someone there if
familiar with Type IIIs or can recommend someone in the area that is.

'68 FB (Thumper)
'70 Bug

On Fri, 03 Jul 1998 13:05:16 PDT "Ted Wallbridge" <tedward85@hotmail.com>
>Hey there,
>      I just signed up so I'll give a bit of detail on who I am and my 
>      My name is Ted Wallbridge, I was living out in Victoria BC for a 
>couple of years and last summer I bought a beautiful VW Type 3 
>Automatic, 1969.  I got it for $800, in great condition, had never 
>BC until I drove it east.  It's got all the original interior and 
>exterior, (original radio and all) the engine was re-built about 10 
>years ago, and someone did a real number on the electrical system.. 
>still haven't figured out what wires go where.  She was running fine 
>I drove almost all the way to Thunderbay ON  about 3 months ago.  Then 
>the trouble began... I broke down in a town of about 50 people in 
>Northern Ontario, no one there had even seen a car like it before, 
>luckily the mechanic had a friend from England who had worked on cars 
>like these before so I left it with him... it's still there!!  
>     The rivets holding the drive plate all broke and so the had to 
>order a new drive plate, not too bad, they got one out of Vancouver 
>$150 or so,  so I thought I was going to be driving it again last week 
>but called only to find out that now they couldn't keep it running, 
>something about a metering device that wasn't working so it was just 
>pumping fuel constantly, and now they can't find that part.
>    So that's my story, I was hoping someone could tell me where I 
>get the part, and maybe some other helpful hints... I want my baby 
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