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Re: What's the Big Secret?

Hi T-3 ers-

 I've been reading along this thread and all the replies that I just had to
chime in. I was looking for a fastback in the Pacific NW for over a year now
but hadn't seen one I connected with...lotsa diappointments or projects.
Until now!
 I just bought another T-3...a '70 fastback,original light blue
paint,engine,interior. 87K miles. Surface rust on battery tray only but no
holes. Solid, no-surprises body (did you know they never salt the roads up
here in the winter?) Weatherstrips like new.Perfect dash. I even found a
service sticker dated from 1984 when the total mileage was 40K! Needs minor
stuff but it runs and drives! I bought it from the second owner who was
tickled to see it go to VW lover. She was pretty good about carrying on the
cars' maintenance schedule, keeping all receipts. She also didn't believe in
cutting up door panels for thrasher speakers or chopping up the dash to fit
in a cheap tape deck.Now the moment of truth. I didn't get a screemin' good
deal like some of you ...you know, like same car for $200... but paid what
PO and I agreed upon. She asked $3000, I paid $2200. I don't have to paint
it,put an engine, headliner or interior in it. I've already been down that
path with my first squareback which I DID buy for $200!

 It's been my personal experience to look for the best possible car you can
find to start with, body and paint-wise especially since I lack the skills,
time, and space for that. Even if it costs more than you would like to pay
in one big chunk. I can turn a wrench and read a shop manual to keep a nice
car maintained and drive it everyday.

 Anyhow , I'm really excited to share this with my Type 3 "family". As
someone previously said " the most important thing about buying a car is how
YOU feel about it-did you think you paid too much or think you can live with
it and not feel like a sucker."

 I feel like taking the new toy out for a spin!

Craig W.
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To: type3@vwtype3.org <type3@vwtype3.org>
Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 2:42 PM
Subject: Re: What's the Big Secret?

>Charles E. Whitney wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Now that I started this thread, (snip)
>Funny that you mentioned this. I saw an old 1959 Karmann Ghia on a lot
>not far from work the other day. Asked as to the price (I mean it was an
>auto dealer), it was like some big secret. Finally got hold of the guy
>who owned it (lawyer) who asked if I was interested in buying. Mind you,
>this is an obviously old, obviously beat KG. Flat black in color,
>sitting on all four rims w/ bad tire rot, no trim, no bumpers, no dash,
>ripped seats, headliner hanging to the floor, one headlight pushed in
>and the other missing all together (get the picture?), AAR, he said I
>could have it today for $5000. I said to him that I didn't think it was
>worth that much in primo condition, much less the shape it was in, he
>said it's a classic. I asked him what made it a classic, he said it's a
>'59. I realize that this might make it desirable, but only a desirable
>piece of junk at best. He claims that the engine has just been rebuilt
>and would fire right up, but after having sat a bit in the old Florida
>solar radiation, I doubt that it would be able to be on the street any
>time soon. I guess that it's all how you look at it, I paid $200 for my
>"classic", about 5X that much in parts and engine and I probably
>wouldn't take $5000 for her right now. I guess it's all in how you look
>at it.
>David Walters
>'73 1600 L Notchback (un-registered, and in for a rebuild)
>'89 Ford Aerostar (daily driver, and the work horse)
>'92 HD Sportster (a toy that I would highly recommend to everyone)

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