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Re: parts problems

>      The rivets holding the drive plate all broke and so the had to 
> order a new drive plate, not too bad, they got one out of Vancouver for 
> $150 or so, 

Pretty expensive for a clutch disk!

> so I thought I was going to be driving it again last week 
> but called only to find out that now they couldn't keep it running, 
> something about a metering device that wasn't working so it was just 
> pumping fuel constantly, and now they can't find that part.

The fuel pump is SUPPOSED to pump all the time.  Have they lost the 
fuel pressure regulator?  That would be a hard piece to lose since it 
is bolted to the sheet metal and there is no reason to remove it.  
I'm sorry, but it sounds like these guys are pretty clueless about 
your car, and you are footin' the bill.
>     So that's my story, I was hoping someone could tell me where I could 
> get the part, and maybe some other helpful hints... I want my baby back!  

I have almost any part you might want, but you will need to find out 
exactly what they lost first.  Get a description of about where the 
part would normally be located.  Then, when they figure out that this 
part STILL doesn't make it work we will have to decide whether I 
really want a vacation to Thunder Bay this year.  ;-)

Well it's closer for me than for almost anyone else!


Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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