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RE: spitting carbs/Holley fuel pump setup

> Why the oil pressure switch?  Well, in the instructions it gives a simple
> wiring
> schematic on how to power the fuel pump.  Part of the setup is using an oil
> pressure switch that has a Normally Open and a Normally Closed lead and a
> Common
> lead.  The pump gets electricity from the starter switch lead when you crank
> the
> engine and once oil pressure is up the oil pressure switch closes (by now
> the
> engine is running and the key is in the normal "on" position) and now
> electricity goes through the switch to the fuel pump.  Should the engine die
> the
> oil pressure will cease to exist, the switch will then open, and power will
> be
> cut off to the fuel pump.  So in an accident you don't have to worry about
> fuel
> being pumped into a potential fire situation.  Pretty neat, huh?

Sounds neat, but have you tried disconnecting the pump wire with the 
engine idling to see how long the engine will idle on the gas in the 
float bowl?  My guess is that you will be surprised at how long it 
will go.

Please run the test and let us know.  I'm really interested since I 
have done this with FI and found that it is the better part of a 
minute.  I'll try to remember to do this tomorrow.  I'll actually 
time it this time.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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