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Re: fuel filter replacement

>  my 70 sq started running funny on the way home tonight, unsteady at idle and
>  lotsa hikups upon acceleration. That was about 10 miles after filling up at a
>  cheap gas station ( could'nt resist!!). So, it sounds to me like a case of
>  bad gas and probably a clogged fuel filter as well. NOW come the questions;
>   -when changing the filter, any triks regarding the FI high pressure? or is
>  it like.any other filter change?

The filter is on the low pressure side of the pump, so there is no 
problem with the pressure.  There are two problems with replacing the 
filter.  The first is that you will get lots of gas out on you when 
you do this, so be careful.  The second is that disturbing the hoses 
may cause them to crack and leak afterwards if they are old.

A good check of the filter is to remove the just the filter outlet 
hose.  If the filter is good, you will get a good stream of gas out 
the exit side, just as if the filter consisted of a straight piece of 
tube with no restriction from one side to the other.  If you just get 
a trickle or a restricted flow you can continue with the replacement.

>  - where do I get a new filter? are they commonly available from your FLPS?or
>  do I have to order it?

You can try NAPA or many foreigh car parts houses have them.  They 
are specific to Bosch D-Jetronic systems and should be ~$5-8.

Note that there is an arrow molded in the side.  This is the 
direction of flow.  When installed, this should point TOWARD the 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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