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accessory seat brackets.......

I was going to reply to Toby, but I thought I should include the rest of the
list as well......
I sent out the money order tonight ( enough  $$ but well worth it, considering
how hard it is to find......)... if all goes well I should be getting the
brackets within the next 1 1/2-2 weeks..... they are supposed to be in the
original box( the box is in rough shape but it's not like they are going to
stay in the box :-)   ) and it also is supposed to include instructions
!!!!!..... so anyway if all goes well...... I will either end up making
repros.... or if that is too much work ( which i don't think it will)  I may
try and draw up some pictures and measurements......

just to recap what these brackets are for they are to allow the rear seat
bottom to lift up and forward, instead of flipping up, thus allowing for
approx. 6' 10" of sleeping space in the rear of the squareback..... I also
assume that with these brackets it also allows the normal use of the rear seat
( to flip up...........)

Erkson, Toby wrote:

> Todd, I've been working those seat brackets in my head since I saw them on
> Big
> Al's web site.  If you don't want them then I DO!  I want to make a
> conversion
> kit that allows installation with minimal work.  Please, keep me updated on
> them
> and takes lots of pictures!!

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