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No brake lights or turn signals...

Saw this message and thought I'd start a new thread... my 1972 Squareback
also doesn't have brake lights or turn signals, despite 11 days of
resplicing, replacing, and following all the twists and turns of various
wires. 8)

My guess is still that it's something with the hazards, since that's the
only place in the wiring where both the turn signals and the brake lights
really cross paths.  I replaced the bulbs, replaced the hazard lighting
relay, and checked all the wiring (as much as I could see and get to).  I
took apart the steering column and checked all the connections there (they
looked beautiful--I think it's the only place on the car that is still in
good shape and clean!)  The next step is probably to replace the hazard
signal switch, and then replace all the connections to it (some of them are
a little dirty, but they don't look _that_ bad!)

Has anyone else run into this problem in their VWs?  What was the solution?
Is there something as simple as needing to have the indicator lights
connected?  (The only thing that's hooked up on my dash is the



'72 Squareback (orange, $500 cash with lots of extra parts)
St. Paul, Minnesota

"Henryvw" <henryvw@ij.net> on 07/01/98 09:48:42 PM

Please respond to "Henryvw" <@ij.net>

To:   "Taylor, Jeff" <JTaylor1@cpm.dot.state.nj.us>, "'Type 3 list'"
cc:    (bcc: Meghan E Kennedy/St. Catherine)
Subject:  Re: What's the Big Secret?

Well since we are all sharing:


My 68 transporter I bought 2yrs ago-- $400 , I pawned tons of CDs to get my
first VW it wouldnt start, and when it did the exaust spewed black crap
every where, had only 2nd and 4th gears, gutted interior, crap tires, no
brake lights an no turn signals( still dont).


-----------Bryan   Henryvw@ij.net

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