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Re: Horn problems

> My question is:  what is there internally in the horn that could go bad?
> Bentley says that
> it's just an electromagnet striking the diaphragm that produces the sound,
> and I don't see what it could be that is impeding my electromagnet from
> doing it's thing.

First check that there is a very low resistance between the two horn 
terminals (wires disconnected), then verify that the ground wire 
actually has a good connection to chassis ground.  If you have a 
genuine HOT wire at the horn you should get a bit of a spark if you 
brush it against its terminal on the horn while the ground wire is 
connected to the other terminal.

  I know that the connection that typically goes bad is
> within the steering column, but in the case of my hot wire interruption,
> that dosen't seem to be the deal.  Bentley also mentions a horn adjustment
> screw.  I don't have the horn in front of me, so I haven't looked it over,
> and the manual dosen't label the screw.  Where is it, and could a
> maladjustment be the problem? 

That screw is on the back of the horn, buried under some sealant.  If 
you adjust it, seal it up well afterwards.

> The only reason that I am fretting over
> this is that the PO specifically stated that the horn still worked.  I
> don't see how it could have, with the two bad connections, and the hot
> wire not getting juice.  I'd just like some input.  What kind of prices
> for a new horn should I be looking for, and will a horn from other VWs
> work?

Any Hella horn of the right voltage will work.  They were used on all 
the German cars as well as many other european cars.  Replacements 
are cheap, but do not have the same appearance as the originals.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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