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Re: What's the Big Secret?

Well since we are all sharing:

The familys automatic 1969 square for $2650, it ran good for a while untill
the FI craped out, then we found that it was rather rusted under all that
paint in the hood and undercoating in the wells. We paid to much but oh well
there were no other auto early squares around.

WARNING----------the following contains type 2 material

My 68 transporter I bought 2yrs ago-- $400 , I pawned tons of CDs to get my
first VW it wouldnt start, and when it did the exaust spewed black crap
every where, had only 2nd and 4th gears, gutted interior, crap tires, no
brake lights an no turn signals( still dont).

my 71 westy I bought 4 months ago--- $275+ KG parts,with a blown CVs , blown
motor, cracked windshiels( still cracked), with compleat interior but
missing jumpseat ( i later bought one for $15) and it has Brand new tires.

-----------Bryan   Henryvw@ij.net

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Date: Wednesday, July 01, 1998 5:47 PM
Subject: RE: What's the Big Secret?

>I agree!
>94' Acura Integra GSR - $18,200 before destination and tax.
>72' fastback - $900
>72" squareback - I'm not telling!
>I make more then I should for salary and if I told you what it was the
>bookies would come and get me!
>I just realized, I didn't give full disclosure.  Oh well....maybe I half
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> Subject:  Re: What's the Big Secret?
> well since we're all comparing what we paid for our cars I figured
>I'd chime
> in and let you all know I dont care if you know what I paid or not.
>I also
> dont really care if you think I paid too much or got it for a steal.
>None of
> our cars are for sale and probably wont ever be for sale except for
>the parts
> off the Fastback parts car.
> I think it's CRAZY That people dont discuss these things.  I'm
>always being
> huhed becasue I tell people what I make, but I'm contet with my job,
>I studied
> hard in school and it's paying off well 1 year after graduation
> So here's what we paid for our cars.  Of course we've put thousands
>extra into
> them since purchase, but that's not relelvant here.
> 92 GTi~~$7000
> 71 Square~~$3000
> 72 Notch~~$2500
> 7? fatsback parts car~~FREE
> 60 Kombi (running, fairly solid body, all the goodies like
> bullets, bumpers and body repair panels)!! FIFTY CENTS (snicker)

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