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Re: T3 hypothetical situation........

Are the cars standard transmission?  Are they rollers (on wheels?)  If so, get a
tow bar (from me).  Type 3's tow just fine.  Or, if automatic, rent a tow dolly,
and tow it backwards.  But if you want only one trip, then you will have to get at
least one of them on a truck.  Good luck.

Tim Dapper

TOASTEDT3@aol.com wrote:

> Suppose you lived in Los Angeles and you found a nice squareback in AZ that
> you needed to transport back to CA.  Let's also say that the squareback didnt
> run so you couldnt drive it, but would have to drive it.  How would you go
> about it?  Would you suck it up and pay the $400-$900 required to rent a car
> hauler(4 wheels off the ground) and a truck big enough to tow this hauler or
> what?  Are there places that will rent full sized trucks (not 15' moving vans)
> that will tow this car hauler or would I be stuck?  Are there comapnies that
> would transport said car for me?  If so is this route cheaper?   Eventually
> I'm going to have 2 non running VW's that I'm going to need to transport from
> AZ to CA and Just cant see justifying anywhere from $1000 to $200 to do it.
> Any suggestions here???  I am in the process of looking for someone in AZ
> (friend) that has a vehicle big enough to tow these cars across the desert in
> late July/early august, but it's not looking good.
> Any help appreciated
> Matt

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