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RE: What's the Big Secret?

I agree!

94' Acura Integra GSR - $18,200 before destination and tax.
72' fastback - $900
72" squareback - I'm not telling!

I make more then I should for salary and if I told you what it was the
bookies would come and get me!

I just realized, I didn't give full disclosure.  Oh well....maybe I half

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	well since we're all comparing what we paid for our cars I figured
I'd chime
	in and let you all know I dont care if you know what I paid or not.
I also
	dont really care if you think I paid too much or got it for a steal.
None of
	our cars are for sale and probably wont ever be for sale except for
the parts
	off the Fastback parts car.

	I think it's CRAZY That people dont discuss these things.  I'm
always being
	huhed becasue I tell people what I make, but I'm contet with my job,
I studied
	hard in school and it's paying off well 1 year after graduation

	So here's what we paid for our cars.  Of course we've put thousands
extra into
	them since purchase, but that's not relelvant here.

	92 GTi~~$7000
	71 Square~~$3000
	72 Notch~~$2500
	7? fatsback parts car~~FREE
	60 Kombi (running, fairly solid body, all the goodies like
	bullets, bumpers and body repair panels)!! FIFTY CENTS (snicker)

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