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Re:Plastic Seat Rail guides

J. Gurrola asked:

> I want to know if these (seat rail guides) are available
either new or NOS or >"lightly" used. ?

I have removed my passenger side seat from my 1971 Fastback
and the plastic rails are in pretty good shape.  The
outside on is perfect, the inside one is in two pieces but
is otherwise in good shape.  The seat came right out and
moved easily so I know the plastic slides were doing their
job.  I have not removed the driver's seat yet, so I don't
know what condition these parts are in.  The seat does move
easily though.

I am not going to be putting the stock seats back in my
car.  I have a set of leather trimmed, fully adjustable
Mustang seats that I am going to fit.  (My apologies to the
stock crowd out there)  I will gladly sell the one set that
I have to help out a fellow T3er.  Are the 71 plastic
slides the same as the 68's?  I will even the sell the
passenger seat (perfect condition - black vinyl).  I figure
$5 for the pair plus shipping costs (for the plastic rails,
not the seats :^))  The driver's side stuff will be for
sale too, once I get the other seats ready to go (maybe a
couple of weeks)  Let me know if anyone is interested.  J.
Gurrola has first right of refusal, since he asked first.

John Jaranson
Research Engineer
Ford Motor Company
SRL 2621
Dearborn, MI  48121
(313)845-4724 FAX

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