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Complete set of baby dells for sale.  Come with hex linkage, K & N air
filters, alumunum manifolds and are jetted for a 1775cc motor.  And to
avoid Toby's inevitable mail for more details... $375 plus shipping.  A
bargain considering that finding these babies is next to difficult these
days.  They are ready to use, do not need rebuilt and the butterfly
shafts have Zero wear.

I also have a 1600cc rebuild w/dual relief case, counterweighted crank,
semi-hemi cut heads, low compression (7.0), D-20 cam (ENgle 110
equivalent), new Bug pack header and single quiet pack, all T3 engine
tin- including flaps, working vacuum advance dizzy.  It just completed
break in.  I will let it go for $700 plus shipping. Professionaly built
by local VW only shop.  The builder is primarily into race motors, and
has a great local reputation. 

I will send it to anyone with the baby dells for $1000 plus shipping.  I
have decided it is time to concentrate on the Notch project so
everything else is for sale.  This includes the 2 67 squares-  $750
takes them both and they have clean titles here in Idaho.  Both have
broken windshields, but all other glass in tact.  One is a completely
oxidized red and the other is light blue.  One solid pan, one
questionable.  The blue one was to be the driver, all electrical works
except the back up lights and the clock.  I have production histories
for both cars for VWAG.

Brian Fye

65 Notch with Auto, heat & air conditioning

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