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Who is the ISP??

We echo the response by "John T. Croteau" <johnc@geekopolis.com> who wrote:

>I make my living as a UNIX Sys. Admin and have never seen a problem like
>this drag out so long.  This is ridiculous.  I run a small network at home,
hence the domain name,
>and have worked with majordomo, listserv, and others for years and have
never run into a
>problem quite like ours.  I do not believe it has anything to do with
>majordomo itself.  The problem, from what I have seen, is at the ISP level.

We also own and maintain several domains on the Internet, and do not
understand why there has been such a problem.  Greg, who is the ISP?  Those
of us who have contributed would like to know
Robert & Carolyn Wilson

At 05:10 PM 1/31/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear folks,
>	I have decided to jump-start the old list while our service
>provider attempts to fix the new one.  I will give them a couple of more
>days before demanding a refund.  They have proven to be very helpful,
>knowledgeable and responsive, but we've had problems (i.e., basically no
>list) for at least a week.  This is a big drag!
>	What does it mean to be back on the old list?
>	o  send posts to "type-3@umich.edu" (notice the dash in there...)
>	o  no digest version available
>	o  all subscription change requests go through me
>	o  subscription changes may take up to a couple of days before I
>can get around to them
>	o  slower delivery
>	o  no web archive of recent posts
>	o  no "T3" label in the subject
>	o  subscribe/unsubscribe messages sent to the list get sent to everyone
>	o  nobody to complain to if we have problems @umich.edu.
>	Yes, I too am very frustrated about the current state of things.
>Like many of you, I too have pitched in money for the new services.  I am
>not in a position to actually work with the nitty-gritties of our new list;
>I can just do administrative functions (not that I would actually know how
>to solve the problems we're having anyway!).  If the current problems are
>due to the majordomo software itself, I'll look into the possibility of
>having our provider install Listserv Lite or some other alternative.
>	Again, I'm really sorry, folks.  Let's wait a couple of more days.
>Remember, to post a message, send mail to "type-3@umich.edu".  To add or
>drop yourself from the list, send me e-mail personally at
>"gregm@vwtype3.org" or "gregm@umich.edu".
>-Greg Merritt
>'69 & '71 Squarebacks
>'63 Beetle

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