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Back to the old list...

Dear folks,

	I have decided to jump-start the old list while our service
provider attempts to fix the new one.  I will give them a couple of more
days before demanding a refund.  They have proven to be very helpful,
knowledgeable and responsive, but we've had problems (i.e., basically no
list) for at least a week.  This is a big drag!

	What does it mean to be back on the old list?

	o  send posts to "type-3@umich.edu" (notice the dash in there...)
	o  no digest version available
	o  all subscription change requests go through me
	o  subscription changes may take up to a couple of days before I
can get around to them
	o  slower delivery
	o  no web archive of recent posts
	o  no "T3" label in the subject
	o  subscribe/unsubscribe messages sent to the list get sent to everyone
	o  nobody to complain to if we have problems @umich.edu.

	Yes, I too am very frustrated about the current state of things.
Like many of you, I too have pitched in money for the new services.  I am
not in a position to actually work with the nitty-gritties of our new list;
I can just do administrative functions (not that I would actually know how
to solve the problems we're having anyway!).  If the current problems are
due to the majordomo software itself, I'll look into the possibility of
having our provider install Listserv Lite or some other alternative.

	Again, I'm really sorry, folks.  Let's wait a couple of more days.
Remember, to post a message, send mail to "type-3@umich.edu".  To add or
drop yourself from the list, send me e-mail personally at
"gregm@vwtype3.org" or "gregm@umich.edu".

-Greg Merritt
'69 & '71 Squarebacks
'63 Beetle

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