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Re: Attn: European Listees

Melissa & Jim wrote:

> If you have ever seen the VW microfilm or one of the original parts
> books you would know that they consist of a series of numbered
> illustrations and a corresponding list of parts with the appropriate
> applications.  I'm just guessing, but it sounds like this is just a
> collection of the illustrations with the index numbers on them, but
> it is lacking the list of part numbers that would allow you to
> actually figure out the part number that you need.
> It would, however, allow you to talk intelligently with your dealer
> over the phone.  You know, "I need item 27 on illustration 11," which
> just happens to be the "cool tin" that was being discussed here a few
> weeks ago.
> Jim
	There has been some discussion of what this catalog really is.  Well I
think Jim is correct.  These are the *same* illustrations as the
Micofiche, same reference numbers (ie. the cooling tins numbers match
Jim's reference above).  The main flaw is the lack of VW part #'s like
the fiche.
	Here are some ideas in order:
#1  By all means, scan in the real fiche and numbers info.  (can you
scan fiche, who's got it, how much disk space for Greg/vwtype3.org?)

#2  Scan in this illustrated/ref. numbered catalog (good if used as Jim
above) Better than nothing.

#3  I'll talk with my brother in Germany and get a dozen "catalog"
copies for distribution if they are a nominal cost (less than $10?). 
Then, post the just the part numbers "text" on the site.  

	I think I'll persue getting some catalogs anyways.  Maybe I can find
and add the real part numbers somehow.  
	FYI  N.O.N.A. has reproduction parts lists (pre-70?) for sale for $75.

Peter Parker
'66 Square; Phillip
Portland, OR

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