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Type IV engine in your Type III car

Transplanting a larger engine like a late bus engine into an early Type3
is a project that I have been thinking about for awhile (for the T3

There is enough room in the back of the car to fit an entire 2.0 Bus
engine and exaust, and the rear hanger will have to be modified
(brackets will have to be welded to the body) and the engine bay metal
will have to be transplanted into the T3 body to seal the engine
compartment.....but I think it can be done.

To see one that is already done, take a look at the Fastback rally car
in the Sept '96 issue of VW Trends. 

Lots of fabrication (since it is a race car) and the engine compartment
sealing is a little crude, but it's in there, and it works!

BTW, have you considered a Porsche 356/912 engine? The engine from a 912
makes 90 hp stock, and has a provision for a rear mount, which will be
necessary in a T3 application. The 356/912 engine will also weigh
considerably less, and require much less space, allowing a larger exaust
to be fabricated. They don't have a lot of low end torque, but they DO
have bags of mid-range power.

Or if you are REALLY into power, there IS enough room back there for a
911 engine with a modified exaust. The early 2.0-2.7 liter engines don't
weigh much more than the late bus engines do, though they will require
some ancilaries like an oil tank, extra gauges, etc...VolksWorld
featured some snapshots of a fastback with the entire rear suspension,
transmission and engine out of a 911 stuffed in the back.

Has anyone out there done anything like this?

Jason McDaniel, Houston, Tx

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