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ok, now I have my car running.. great. now what? well I have to get it
insured. so I have to sell some stuff! I need about 200 more bux to
insure it! so here is what I have, if you can help me out by buying
anything that I have here please help me out and buy it!! =) 

I have like 3 pairs of T-I heater boxes ($25 a set they are in good

A Set of T-III Heater boxes that I will sell, they need a good cleanin
and going over.. ($15.00) Plus the shipping.. the are heavy

A Bugpack header with a thunderbird quietpack muffler ($15-20 dollars?)
yea its a good header and you can still use your heater. and its QUIET!

A Stock muffler with a silencer and all....? whats' it worth? its on my
car now.. so its I'll sell the header of my stock muffler.

a new regulator...(15 dollars)

a complete T-III Glovebox complete /w Cable full length. (25 bucks)

check my web page at..


it may take a minute to load because of the music but please look it has
a list of all the other stuff I have. except for the door panels..
anyone need some? they are for a 70. I also have a back seat bottom I
will sell for like 10 or 15 bucks. gotta pay the shipping, unless you
will be at the big show in irvine in june then I can just bring the
parts to you but I need money now!! =) oh well please anyone please help
me get sam on the road again so I can get back and forth to work!!! =)

thank you all so very very much!!!!!!

1970 T-III Fastback

Thanks for all your help on getting my car running and back on the
road!!! later all!!!

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