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T3: Re: Gene Berg ext oil filter

This is a tricky install for a TIII, TIs just have the pump hanging
out there for the world to see.  Someone was going to write up their
experiences and post them on a web page, don't remember seeing
anything about it since.  My experiences are that you are going to
have to do a bunch of filing on the brass fittings to get them to
clear the fan housing, a bunch of cutting to clearance for the cover
on the T-bar engine mount.  I did most of my filing on the fittings,
some guys cut a hole in the front fan housing half and seal after with
silicone, I avoided this by careful fitting.  Don't like holes in
critical components where they weren't originally designed. Fitting
positioning is all. Took me most of a week's evenings.  I  don't think
it would be wise to weaken the engine mount by clearancing enough for
that relief cover, at least without reinforcing it, that's an awfully
long ridge on that cover.  I just went with the standard Berg
full-flow cover.  Take only the minimum out of that engine mount
center hole and make sure your corners are rounded where you file the
hole.  Busted engine mounts are no fun.  

 Hope you have the case drilled and tapped before assembly, otherwise
it'll be lots of fun trying to keep the shavings out.  I blew mine out
with solvent and compressed air afterwards, still ended up with lots
of shavings on the drain screen and on the Oberg filter.  All it takes
is one chip stuck in the oil plungers and you can write off the
engine.  The other alternative is to put spacers under all fan parts
and maybe the engine mount to get it to stand off enough.  Not sure
I'd want to try that, might have fan problems, there's a fair amount
of force exerted by the generator belt.  Also the tin wouldn't line up
anymore, clearance to the exhaust would be a problem, etc., etc.  Like
I said, tricky.

On Thu, 26 Feb 1998 16:53:35 -0800 (PST), you wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>	I recently bought a gene berg oil filter kit w/ss line and
>pressure releaf cover. 
>My question is do you have any words of advise on installing it?
>	(ie: the trapping of the oil return fitting)
>Did i mention the long block is complete and in my kitchen
> :-)
>'69 square

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