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T3: Fuse Problems - 71 Sqrbk

I have a 1971 Squareback w/ FI. The manufacturer's label on the driver's
door post indicates it was built in 02/1971. 

I'm having problems with some fuses which keep blowing. I've taken off
all the gauges and the dash pad and have just replaced the emergency
flasher. It was very corroded and fell apart in my hand when I removed
it from the dash (sounds like a similar problem someone else posted a
few weeks back).

After I replace the emergency flasher switch, when I turn the ignition
key on to the 1st position, the oil & generator lights go on OK, I hear
the fuel pump relay click, the fuel pump, etc. all the stuff I normally
hear before I actually turn the key to start the car. And after a
second, while the ignition key is still at the 1st position, the #10
fuse (counting over from the left) blows. Just when the fuse blows, both
the turn signal lights flash on for just a split second. The oil and gen
lights are still on. The windshield wipers work and the headlights work.

What doesn't work is the fresh air fan and the turn signals. When I try
the left or right turn signal, both turn signal lights just stay on at
the same time - no flashing. Also, when I turn on the emergency flasher
switch, the #8 fuse blows. I'm able to start the car OK and it seems to
run just fine. 

Since the wiring is somewhat accessible, I traced the leads going to the
top and bottom of the #10 fuse. From the top there are three wires - a
black wire (goes to the wiring harness that goes thru the front of the
car), another black wire (goes to the brake circuit warning light), and
a green wire (goes to the #15 terminal on the emergency switch). From
the bottom lead on the fuse there is a single connector with a black
wire and a white wire which lead into the wiring harness going to the
back of the car.

Would having a bad turn signal/emergency flasher relay cause the fuse
blowing problems? Or do I have a fuse box wiring mix-up? Or do I have a
short somewhere down the line? And, if so, what is the best way to trace
where the short can be found?

Thanks for any help while I wait for my Bentley manual to arrive.

Richard Spryer
'71 Squareback

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