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T3: Standard or other

Mr John Jaranson wrote on 27.02.98

<<Sorry - all you stockers, but to each his own.  I personnally feel that
our cars become scarce enough to justify someone building fiberglass bodies
(ala the steet rodder scene) that there are enough around for the stockers and
the customizers.  (BTW, I would buy a fiberglass body shell or help design and
build one if there is anyone out there with lots of money and ambition.)>>

Im sure that its common knowledge to most people who have been into the VW the
last Twelve years or so, that the only reason why cars do eventually become
rare is due to the custom scene. After you have cut it up, welded it , stuck
it all back together with plastic filler, crammed in fancy velor/trick
seating, 4 million watt sterio,
added all the accesories that you can lay your hands on that your motor looks
like an advert for Halfords ( UK Motor Mart ). They then get bored and have to
find another  project to work on, the car gets sold to someone who doesent
know what there into and ends up on a junk heap in a couple of years.

I now make now appologies because if this sounds like your motor its your own
basically its obviosly easier to bodge it than fix it.

Cars arnt rare, cood quality parts are.

Best Regards Scincere Simon 62 Notch.

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