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T3: Re: '66 headlights

Phillip Bradfield wrote:

>  I have a question. I have seen '66 ( I think this is the year) slanted
>  headlights on squarebacks. I am assuming that someone has grafted the
>  housing from type 1 fenders to a squareback.

Phillip -

The January 1992 issue of Hot VWs has a highly modified T3 with '39 Ford
headlights grafted into the fenders.  The slight teardrop shape looks pretty
nice.  I think that the current issue of VWTrends has a modified Notch
(convertible, etc) with Rossi lights in it.  I think these lights only fit the
early bug fender ('66 and down), so it has probably had the early beetle
headlight buckets grafted in.  CHeck them out.

I also think that the recent (not the current, but the immediate prior style)
Porsche 911 headlights would look pretty nice on a T3. Probably a bit pricey
though compared to early beetle headlights.

Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it.

Sorry - all you stockers, but to each his own.  I personnally feel that until
our cars become scarce enough to justify someone building fiberglass bodies
(ala the steet rodder scene) that there are enough around for the stockers and
the customizers.  (BTW, I would buy a fiberglass body shell or help design and
build one if there is anyone out there with lots of money and ambition.)

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