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T3: Re: air scoops and cooling

On 26 Feb 98 at 20:10, Edward Glenn wrote:

> Just recently I saw a guy getting to his baby blue '70's Fastback with
> some strange gray scoops on the side of the rear quarters.  I asked him
> about them and he said that they were VW accessoires he found at a local
> dealer, complete with instruction and that they were the last pair on a
> back shelf.
> I forgot to ask him the Key question before he zoomed away:

These were aftermarket accessories sold for a few years.  I actually 
had a pair in my hands around 1970, but they did not fit the louvers 
of the T3 that I had at that time.  They were made because Vw changed 
the way that the louvers faced and there was a perceived increase in 
engine temp.  It is not clear whether this perceived increase was 
real or not.
> 	Do side scoops keep a type 3 any cooler?

It's not clear, there is no data.

> But do you all have any tryed and true ways of keeping a T3 cool?

Use the right timing and fuel/air mixture.  Make sure that ALL the 
original cooling tin (and intake air bellows!) and thermostat system 
is installed and properly adjusted.  Under these conditions, it your 
engine is stock displacement, or only slightly enlarged, you will 
never have any trouble.

The most common cause of overheating is cooling parts left out
and tune-up specs that have been altered or ignored.

> p.s. how would i find the part # for such a obscure dealer acc.?

There is none.  This was never an official VW or VWoA part.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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