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T3: Re: thermostat & flaps

On 26 Feb 98 at 12:10, Greg Merritt wrote:

> 	The heater on my '69 works insanely well (for an air-cooled VW!)
> and it starts putting out hot air quite quickly.  However, I have a failed
> thermostat (it's terribly expanded) and I wondered if my flaps weren't
> screwed up.  (A compromised thermostat expands, and should open the
> cooling flaps all the way.)  I took off the right side elbow at the fan
> housing, and as far as I can tell, the flap is totally open.  I rotated
> the shaft that the flaps ride on with pliers--it's at full stop in the 
> direction represented by a mark on the "front" of the shaft moving up
> to the top

Yes, this would be OPEN.

> (i.e., full counterclockwise as viewed from the left side of
> the car,

This would be CLOSED.  (OPEN would be CW.)

> or, for the physicists, "to the right" according to the right-
> hand rule, assuming you're facing the front of the car and standing upright).


> 	Does that check out?  My flaps are open, right? (Hey! no jokes.:)
> The engine doesn't appear to run hot, but the heater vent under the rear
> seat will put out painfully hot air if you put your hand against it while
> cruising down the road at, say, 45mph with outside temps at freezing (of
> water, that is).

the heater air can be very hot regardless of whether the engine 
thermostat is properly installed.  Heat just depends on exhaust temp, 
which has little dependence on engine cooling.

I always hacksaw a shallow slot in the right end of the flap shaft 
when I am rebuilding an engine.  This slot is cut parallel to the 
flaps and can be used to instantly judge flap position in an 
installed and operating engine and also serves as a place to stick a 
screwdriver to check for freedom of operation of the shaft and 

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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