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>Toby Erkson wrote:
>> Ah-ha...the rim type is a need-to-know item!  I'll be that's part of the
>> problem.  The majority of after-market VW rims have their backspacing for
>> the Type I (if it's even given consideration).
>> How wide it the rim?  Stock for your car was 4.5" -- maybe the rims you
>> have are 5.5"?
>5.5" - and they were custom built by Centerline (ie - "no return").
>Man, i'm dying here... I just talked to a body shop about having the
>fender lip cut
>off for extra clearance and having the fenders re-sprayed... (there's just no
>emoticon to describe how I'm feeling now).
>The first step is I'm gonna have the FLATS (friendly local auto tire
>store!) mount
>some 195-50-15's on those rims and see just how ugly they get with the
>collapsed that far. I *don't* want to go back to 165's!!! I also don't
>want to raise
>the rear... but... drastic times calls for drastic measures.
>T o M

Before you have a COW, check this out.

I had a full set of Michelin  MX4 - 185 65 15's on my T-34 with mock
Porsche 911 rims (VW 5 lug pattern). With the sagging torsion bars in the
rear the tires did rub, BADLY.  I installed a set of coil-over shocks and
it set the torsions correctly and stopped the rubbing.

I also talked with Eric Younger, Performance Specialist at NTB (and self
proclaimed Tire GOD) and owner of "No Mercy Ambulance Service" on the old
T-3 owners manual site
(http://www-personal.umich.edu/~gregm/T3/scrapbook/ericy/).  He has
centerlines also...

He stated that with your centerlines the ofset is not correct for T-3, but
will work with a height adjustment.  He said that your rear end is probably
lowered.  His Square is stock height.  He also stated that you might look
at 185 60 15's to get the height down.

He also stated that 195-50-15's are recommended by manufacturers for 5.5"
rims.  therefore the sides may not "collapse" as far as you may think.

Good Luck

Big Al

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