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'70 Sqbk for parts FREE, Sacramento area

This is a troubling post to write, as you will see.

I spotted a late squareback sitting in the lot of a 
garage recently.  Yesterday I stopped by to chat
about VW's etc.  Didn't turn out as planned.

Seems the shop has this essentially great condition
'70 Sqbk in the yard for the automatic transmission
and associated structural mounts.  Everything else
is scrap to them.

They build custom VW based trikes, and a customer
wanted an automatic transmission, so they are gonna
cut up and throw away a '70 Sqbk for the trans and
structural mounting areas.  Probably use a bug engine.

The engine is 'toast' (their words) but still there.
Body panels straight and clean.  Hood sat on, but
should be easily popped out.  About 3 inches of 
water on the passenger floor due to recent rains
and an uncaring shop.  Rear window out but intact.

Anyway here's the deal.  After they cut out what they
want, they'll throw the rest away unless I can find
someone who will take it away.  So . . . . . . .

Anyone in the Sacramento area (it's in Auburn) want
a '70 Sqbk for the hauling away?  I won't post the name
or specific location of the shop.

Here's an idea that might work.  IF anyone nearby has
a pan that they can use to chop into a trike, they might
be willing to trade.  Or if you are willing to pull the body
off the pan in their yard, they would probably let you,
as it would be easier for them to access the trans mounts.
(they refer to it as a sub-frame)
(Bob Couse-Baker are you interested?)

Odds are that they'll just roll this Sqbk onto it's side
and proceed to slice and dice with a torch with NO
regard to anything but their objective.

Pmail me if you have any ability/desire to save this Sqbk.

I am unable to do anything directly about this vehicle,
as I am currently trying to sell 3 busses and SO will
NOT allow it to be brought home to part out.  I would
be able to find some time to assist in this task though.

- Jeff   Iwanna21/23windowsunroofDeluxewalkthru!
to be used for daily driving
'80 Westi  (2)   BOTH FOR SALE
'66 Bus, Kombi FOR SALE
'22 Piano, upright Kohler & Cambell FOR SALE
'67 Sqbk    '64 Ford Crewcab 
'87 Subaru 4WD   '97 Nissan Quest
Grass Valley, California, USA

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