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Re: Dashpad revival

Finally got around to searching the net for bookmarks
I lost upon a computer change.  A search for
information on the PROPER care and feeding
of vinyl and other materials for our cars revealed
an author whom I feel has a good grasp on things.

I had been planning on doing some checking on 
various products myself, but this guy beat me to it,
and knows WAY more than I.

He has checked various products (not Bag Balm however)
and used it on his vehicles.  He writes directly about
various products, recommends some, dumps on others,
and in all cases, provides an understanding of WHY
one does things.

Check out his writings hosted by Pit Stop.

He sells the products also, but not via the net.
I asked for and received his catalog with a huge
listing of products at very good prices (been checking).

I haven't ordered anything yet, but plan to soon.
We bought a NEW vehicle and plan to keep it
in tip top shape, and want to preserve our older
vehicles correctly.

The information can be read at:


Or write to:

Larry Reynolds
Car Care Specialties, Inc.
Distributors of Quality Car Care Products
Post Office Box 535
Saddle Brook, NJ 07663-0535
Phone (201) 796-8300
Fax (201) 791-9743
E-mail: carcaresp@aol.com

- Jeff   Iwanna21/23windowsunroofDeluxe! for daily driving
'80 Westi  (2)   BOTH FOR SALE
'66 Bus FOR SALE
'67 Sqbk    '64 Ford Crewcab 
'87 Subaru 4WD   '97 Nissan Quest
Grass Valley, California, USA

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