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'67 Squareback and front or...Body by Venison

Yesterday morning at 6:30 am, I was happily cruising to work in the "Grey
Ghost" (my '67 primer square). I was about 1/8 mile from my house when it
happened. Out of nowhere, I saw about a half dozen deer in front me
...crossing to the left. They were so close, I only saw a flash of heads and
upper bodies...about 6 feet from my hood!  I basically hit the whole FLOCK at
about 45 mph! There was large impact followed by 2 short ones. One caught
under the front, and this coupled with me hitting the binders, sent me into a
360 degree flat spin. The square came to rest in a ditch. I was sitting in the
dark (they got all the front lights) and just shaking. I could barely see one
of the injured limping around and I felt sad for this poor creature and the
whole mass destruction I had leveled on his herd. I also felt anger and
denial! How could this happen? Why didn't I see them sooner?!!?

I drove back home in the dark and cleaned the spilled coffee off my clothes
(did I mention I had a cup of coffee in my hand during this whole
affair....another victim of sudden deceleration!). I called the state police
and reported the mayhem. An hour later, they came by....looking for the

In the end the death toll was 3,  two deer and one squareback. The square has
both fenders pushed in, the hood looks like a gorilla sat on it, and the front
valance panel is destroyed. Luckily, the new windshield came thru without a

So now I'm on the lookout for good used front hood in the northern Indiana
area. And maybe a heavy steel tube bumper/deer catcher for the front? Any for


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