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Volkswagen Bookstore On-Line

Hey Type3 folks:

Wanted to let you all know about a new resource on the web especially
for VW people, the Volkswagen Bookstore on-line.


What you will find there is a large selection of VW books for sale
On-Line, including the Idiot Guide, Bentlet manuals for many different
models (Bently is the official VW Factory Service Manual, but you knew
that), and books on history and restoration of VW's.

Also, if there are any particular books that you need and don't know
where to find, I will personally search for the book and do my best to
make it available on-line through this service.

The Bookstore is affiliated with Volkswagens Of Western Oregon, a small
aircooled VW club in Corvallis, OR.  We make a small percentage off each
book sold, and all money goes to sponsoring our event(s) and
newsletter.  No one is getting rich off this (I wish!)

Anyways check it out, and email me if you have a special request.

Jack Maynard	600,000+ mile '65 Kombi (Eugene the Green)
http://www.peak.org/~maynardj    <-- Check out the Pics!
Volkswagens of Western Oregon (VWofWO)-- Western Oregon's Chapter of
Check out the Volkswagen Bookstore at

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