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NEW car & PARTS!!!!!!

Hi everyone. I can only get on here like once a week and BOOM 200
messages hehe Well heres whats been going on in my life


I talk on the C.B. radio and on SSB and i sold an Antenna to a old Type 1
buddy one day and helped him put it up.

Well the next day he called me up. He said Hey chris whats up man i know
where theres a car like yours. But didnt know if it was a Square or a
Fastback so i thought OK, I will be right over there. (Only a 5-7 mile
drive) I went over there and we went up to this Young stupid kids house
that didnt care about VW's but to tear them up and wind them out (A
typical Cincinnatian 16 year old) and He had this YELLOW 1973 Square
sitting there

My heart his my A$$ when i seen this thing.The paint is Stock Yellow, No
rust on the quarters exept for the front drivers side there is a small 2
inch By 1 Inch hole and the rest of the car is solid other then some
paint chippings and rust surfacing from the chips where the fenders bolt
on you know. Well the interior is maculent like no holes or anything and
the motor had the carbs on it. So i thought well that the hell lets see
if we can get this thing to fire up and spent about 2-3 hours rewiring
and everything else and finally we did get it to fire up!. Only 60K on
the Odometer. I strongly believe this thing only has 60,000mi on it but
the shocks are slammed on the front so they will probably need replacing

Usually person hating Duals and they stuck a Single Barrel 34PICT carb on
it and cut a damn hold in the lid!
(That kills me!) and the person wanted $400.00! So i think were gonna get
it this coming Friday

I went up there and fixed all kinds of stuff No 12V source to the Coil.
Plug wires on wrong and distributor in there all crazy and its nuts this
kid just wasnt in the Type 3 frame of mind so i think we are gonna get it
Has air and all kinds of  other stuff. I do have one question though. 
O.K. Here is my Technical Question

How hard is it to replace the ARM bushings on the Arms on the front end
where they go into the H-Beam

And another Question Electrically speaking.
Say your using a Test LIGHT instead of a DMM. OK? When you test the coil
from Neg. To hot. OK?
When you Crank the Motor over I cant get Voltage to the Coil. The Voltage
cuts off to the coil ONLY WHEN YOUR CRANKING THE MOTOR OVER! So im lost
and the wire im getting my hot from is the (CLASSIC) black damn wire with
no identification marks on it.

But we did hook a wire from the BATT. to the coil and finally got it to

Thats my two Problems other than trying to get this carb to make the car
run instead of reving and Dieing.

Any suggestions to my problems. Remember i havent bought it yet (Im crazy
i know) but I  will have it by this Friday!

This is one of thoes once in a lifetime Type 3 things!! Cya

>From Chris Swafford
537Buckeye 36LSB  S.W. Corner of Cinti,Oh In the Hills
71'Beautiful stock Squareback half in primer
73'Squareback (More than solid) Just now purchasing
68'Bug w/swingaxle (I hate thoes)Oh well!

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