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Re: T-3 rear safari?

Phillip Bradfield wrote:

>I think in 85 or 86 (I'm guessing) HotVWs or VW Trends featured a
>Squareback with front safari windows. Split screen. Anyone remember
>this? I think that the car was converted into a convertible. I am trying
>to find the issue.

The issue you are looking for is the January 1987 VW Trends.  The SB has
split screen safari windows in the front and it has been converted to a
convertible.  The safaris and frames out from an early bus and have been
added to the SB body.  It looks pretty good actually.  I have the article
in my T3 reference folder and could scan it if anyone can't find the issue.
(of course none of us ever throw car magazines out, right :^)).

Thought I would throw my 3 cents in on the subject of the rear safari
windows as well.  Take a look at Ford Taurus wagons or just about
any SUV (Explorer, Grand Cherokee, etc.)  Many of these have lift glass
in the rear with simple exposed hinges and gas strut proprods.  The glass
is almost always frameless with the seals on the body of the car.  I think
one could use these hinges and seals to make a rear safari (lift glass)
for a squareback.  The real expense will be in getting a piece of glass
cut to size, drilled for hinges and latches and then tempered.  I just did
this for a prototype vehicle here at Ford.  Actually used a modified VW
decklid latch to latch the glass.  Looks and works well.  Could supply
more details if anyone is interested.

Just my 3 cents worth.

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