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Re: Location of fi parts

These and many other questions are answered in the Bentley factory
repair manual.  Here's some answers, though. 

On Sun, 22 Feb 1998 18:22:34 EST, you wrote:

>I need to know where exactly these parts are located for FI(BTW it is a 69
>pump relay --left side front, just under the dash on the firewall
>voltage supply relay-  ? main relay is under the rear seat, left side 
>control unit (computer)-  left side rear, behind the inside rear quarter panel trim, remove to get access to two screws
>(fuel) pressure sensor- left side engine compartment under the deck
>temp sensor 1 (from head)- left head, could be on top(in a hole through the cool tin) or under the rear exhaust, threaded in a boss
>(fuel) pressure switch--?  throttle switch is on the air distributer in the center, pressure regulator is on the front tin, under the right intake

>cold start relay -?  not sure about your year, there's a thermostatic switch on the right-hand case side right behind the grounding cluster on the top for later years
>I am having a little trouble finding it.

Don't touch any of this stuff without getting the factory manual and
the Idiot's guide and reading and understanding them, you could end up
in a lot worse hurt than what you have now!  This stuff is simple,
most repairs are, too.

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