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RE: Key -> solenoid wire question.

I have been told that none of the aircooled VW's have a fuse to ignition
system.  I found out the hard way... on a type1.

It is a good idea to _NEVER_ wire your radio ( or other accessory) to
the key on positon?  Why, because you may turn your key on -- just to
listed to the radio!  Problem:  This energizes the coil and various carb
components (non FI).

The real risk is you play a chance game .. IF your points are closed,
your condensor and coil will be sucking power.  This can lead (after
minutes or hours, depends) to your coil melting down.  Which on a Type1
is right over the fuel lines.  Don't ask me how I know...

  Stephen Gutknecht
  Renton, Washington

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> Subject:	Re: Key -> solenoid wire question.
> J.L.M.,
> 	When I first got my Fast Back, it would not turn over, so I
> started trouble shooting. I traced the wire from the starter through
> the
> body of the car to the ignition & do not recall a fuse being inline
> along
> the way.
> 					Tom
> '68 FB (Thumper)
> On Wed, 18 Feb 1998 16:17:25 -0600 (CST) "J.L.M."
> <fishbowl@fotd.netcomi.com> writes:
> >
> >I forgot to ask this earlier.
> >
> >Whenever my '66 square starter acts up, I suspect doing the
> >"tired wire" thing for which I need a relay, if I turn and hold
> >the key, it blows a fuse.
> >
> >It looks to me from the wiring diagram that there isn't supposed
> >to be a fuse in the key/solenoid circuit.  Is there?
> >I mean it would make sense, but it would probably want to be bigger 
> >than 16 amps.  
> >
> >On the other hand, I think this may have been modified this way
> >to add a starter relay, which was a f*rd relay.  I just don't know.
> >But when I put a relay in, I might decide it's a good idea to run
> >the *relay* from a wire through a fuse.  I just don't want to 
> >start any fires in case the starter switch is supposed to go through
> >a fused circuit.
> >
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