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Re: Floor & Vent RUST?

On your rust problem , how about putting a shopvac on the opening
under the seat, then using high-pressure air to blow the crud back
down the line?  I blew mine out when I had the rocker panels open,
fixing rust holes in the heater channels, an air blow gun worked
wonders.  I followed that up with some rust converter stuff to
discourage further rust.  I didn't have a welder then, used fiberglas
gel and glass cloth to patch, has worked well..

What you really want for under your carpet is stuff called tar-board
or sound-deadening paneling.  Can be gotten from body shop suppliers
or I think Whitney or Rocky Mountain Motor Works has it.  Would have
better sound dampening properties than ordinary felt, probably would
wear better, too.  Rust converter first, then use mastic to stick it
down with.  Works inside the doors, too.

On Sat, 21 Feb 1998 15:38:27 -0500, you wrote:

>I'm in the process of pulling the carpet and padding from a '71
>Squareback.  After cleaning up the rust, I plan to coat the floor with
>heavy, brush-on undercoating tar.  Home Depot sells a heavy fabric (about
>1/2" thick) used for household padding/insulation.  I think it may work
>well under the carpet (the current stuff is rotted.).  Any thoughts if
>this plan would work?
>Floor heat channel rust!  The heat channels (below doors) are filled with
>rust and scale.  How can I clean these out really well and stop the rust
>before they collaspe?  I'm not planning a total gutting / restoration. 
>Overall, my Square is in pretty solid shape.
>Thanks in advance for help.
>ps.  Still looking for trunk and doors frame seals at a reasonable cost.

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