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Re: El niņo in my Squareback

> From: Sonny8oy@aol.com
> To: type-3@umich.edu
> Subject: El niņo in my Squareback
> Date: Thursday, February 19, 1998 8:38 PM
> I've got a major leak in my Squareback (or maybe it's just the major rain
> we're having).  After being parked in the rain, the area behind the dash
> with water, and when I move off, turn corners, etc., it comes sploshing
> my feet.  It's obviously not doing the electrics any favours, and it
builds up
> in the battery tray/rear footwell.  I thought it had been coming from the
> fresh air grill (and the drainholes therein) being blocked, but after I
> cleaned them out, it's as bad as it was.  Any ideas as to why this is
> happening?
> My suggestions:
> 1.) Front hood/bonnet seal is pretty perished?
> 2.) Front fender/wing beading has seen better days?
> 3.) Door seals  "  ?
> 4.) windshield/screen seal  "  ?
> It also seems to be worse when I'm parked facing uphill (on the level),
> than downhill.
> Thanks

I fought this battle for a long time before I finally found the problem.

Most people will tell you to clear the drain hoses, replace your windshield
seal, replace the heater channels, all kinds of stuff.

I had the same symptoms and the cause was the rubber seal that goes between
the fresh air handler and the body under the dash. Its a bear to get out
AND there is no replacement part available.

I had to go to a junk yard and take out about 4 or 5 boxes to find a seal
that was acceptable and then slobber silicone all over it when I replaced
it because even the junk part seal was cracked in some places.

Good luck.

Steve B.

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