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Re: Performance Engine

In a message dated 98-02-19 18:33:19 EST, you write:

<<  I want to be able to beat all those rice-rockets
 and suped-up Mustangs, Cameros(sp?), Firebirds, and cars of that
 nature.  I realize that it's impossible to beat all of them or leave
 them that far behind in the dust, but I at least want to give them a run
 for their money.  I want to be able to pull up next to a Mustang or a
 rice-rocket, glance over, rev my engine, and watch them laugh at me. 
 Then, when the light turns green, I want to burn rubber and leave them
 way the hell back in my dust, then look back in my mirror and see the
 look of disbelievment (is that a word) on their face.  That's what I
 honestly want.  Now, if any of you have some suggestions or ideas,
 anything would be appreciated.
 69 Square(As of now, stock w/ FI) >>

Leland, one of the pleasures of moving often, is reviewing the many boxes of
magazines that I have.  Just yesterday I was thumbing through a June 1974 Hot
Rod mag and I found an articile...V8 VW!  There might be your answer!  It was
a VW body (bug in this case), a Corvair drivetrain, and a small block Chevy.
Kelmark Engineering (in Okemos, Michigan) were the guys that put together the
project.  In the article there is a price list of Kelmark adapter kits, so I
don't believe that this is a one off thing.  There is no phone number and the
kit included a "mild-steel chassis" to go under the car, and ended up being a
mid-engine, two seater.
      Just another option.

67 SB-parts are coming in daily!

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