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Re: El niņo in my Squareback

At 08:38 PM 2/19/98 EST, you wrote:
>I've got a major leak in my Squareback (or maybe it's just the major rain
>we're having).  After being parked in the rain, the area behind the dash
>with water, and when I move off, turn corners, etc., it comes sploshing onto
>my feet.  It's obviously not doing the electrics any favours, and it
builds up
>in the battery tray/rear footwell.  I thought it had been coming from the
>fresh air grill (and the drainholes therein) being blocked, but after I
>cleaned them out, it's as bad as it was.  Any ideas as to why this is
>My suggestions:
>1.) Front hood/bonnet seal is pretty perished?
>2.) Front fender/wing beading has seen better days?
>3.) Door seals  "  ?
>4.) windshield/screen seal  "  ?
>It also seems to be worse when I'm parked facing uphill (on the level),
>than downhill.


This sounds like the classic Squareback leak problem. 
Lay out some towels on the floor under the dash and pull out the two
drainage tubes that run from up under the dash (connected to the plastic
drainage channels) down to the holes above the hump (just above and to the
right of your accelerator foot).  WHen you pull these out, there's a good
chance you will see the Niagra Falls for a second in your own vehicle.  If
nothing happens, do the following:

Blow out the tubes with your mouth or compressed air, making sure they
arent blocked.  Then poke a long, thin screwdriver (carefully) either up
through the drainage holes or down through the holes from outside the car,
making sure they arent blocked. Trust me, at some point in this procedure
your blockage will become obvious in a very cold and wet kinda way... ;)

Clear out all the leaves/gunk/crap that has collected in the tubes and in
the drainage holes, replace the tubes, and then dump water through the
vents from outside to see that they drain properly under the car like they
should.  This should solve your problem.  Hope so!

Dave Y.
68 Square

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