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Re: more brake stuff

The seals are a bit torn/rotten, but got them in anyway.  On
>the second side, the piston is seized, but not totally, I think, so I
>get that one off (with a hammer, a screwdriver and a socket set, mainly
due to
>the ridge on the outside of the disc), so now I'm driving around with half
>new, half old pads.  It's working pretty well, too.... When I was bleeding
>system afterwards, couldn't get any fluid out of the seized side.  Does this
>mean there's a blockage?  The system obviously isn't working perfectly, as I
>only get good pedal feel after pumping the pedal once.  Any thoughts?

Hi Sonny-

My thoughts are that this sounds sketchy and you should do everything you
can to get your brake system working safely.
The *only* way to go with brakes is to do them right. You can get away with
doing all kinds of cheesy, 1/2 assed stuff to 90% of your car without
facing fatal consequences, but your brakes are not in that 90%.  Brake
failure (which includes not stopping in time 'cause you had to pump up the
system) is an ugly prospect.

I suggest you replace the bad caliper (preferably both at the same time)
with a new one - Brazilian made will cost you $90 per side, and work fine
IMHO, or have yours rebuilt ASAP. You need to have good presure in the
system, good fluid, and pads of the same wear to be driving around safely.
Trust me, it's worth the $200.  A good friend of mine in Santa Cruz thought
he could get away with a less than thorough brake job (trusting "vibes"
rather than mechanical sense!!) on his bug a few years back, and ended up
sailing through an intersection (puping wildly the whole, scary time)
taking out ANOTHER cool, old VW bus (tagged it between the 2 side doors!),
and getting screwed/screwing the other guy as neither of them had
insurance, and both got written up for it by the cops and left to weep on
the side of the road.  

Do it right, Sonny... :)


Dave Y.
68 Square

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