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Re[2]: Difference in heads

Could the wire from the temperature dipstick go to another idiot light 
(install my own)?  This would be a logical choice for me as I want to know 
(need to know?) the difference between an overheating situation vs. a low 
oil pressure situation (very different events).  I'm assuming the dipstick 
just grounds the connection (closes the circuit) to light the stock oil 
idiot light.

Close? No cigar?
    Toby Erkson
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    '75 Porsche 914 1.8L, ORPCA member
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Subject: Re: Difference in heads
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Date:    2/18/98 9:27 AM

As to the Gene Berg trick oil temperature dipstick, I highly recommend 
having this
on the engine. The device slides down into your dipstick tube and 
hooks up to the
oil sensor with a single wire (all parts included).  If your oil temp rises to 
220 to 225 degrees (James knows that this is just an average afternoon 
for Pahrump), your red light in your instrument panel will flicker.  It really 
works!  I put one in my van ("Hitler's Revenge") and went nuts when it started 
flickering during my ten-mile drive to town.  Checked my timing and
found that it
was off enuff to cause the overheating.  Fixed it...and maybe saved an engine!

The part is extremely easy to install, BUT... be sure to read the directions 
carefully and orient the device in the tube properly...or it won't do its job.

The Gene Berg part is:

    GB 227 (for Type 1, Type III with universal case that has the
sedan dipstick
            tube in it, and Type II through 1971).  It costs $10.10 plus s&h.

The phone number for Gene Berg is (714) 998-7500.

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