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Re: lead on an SP2

Hello All,

I agree with what everyone has been saying.  But I bet the guy gets the
cash.  There are a lot of crazy people out there with big bucks to spend
on their VW habit.  I look at the VW rags and see Doc Christiansen spend
20K on restoring a deluxe T-2 and say to myself, "What is this guy
thinking about"?  And you read about....Burton Berton, or however he
spells his name and look at his stable of a dozen or so primo examples
of german metal and know he has more money in that airport hanger than I
will probably make in the next 10 years.

For the money I'd rather have a oval vert or nice 23 Window T-2. But it
will end up in some rich mans, sorry ladies, or woman's garage.

I have never been impressed with big spenders who send out there
projects and come home with a new car.  I love a down and dirty story of
some poor bloke finding a car in some barn, eaking out a few bucks each
week to buy one more part (sounding familiar to some listees?) and five
years later being able to show off something to be really proud of.  The
blood (from banged knuckles), sweat (from those hot and humid summer
days), and tears (from the the stripped stud, or the spouse leaving you
for spending too much time on that scrap of metal) are what make it for

To each his own.

'67 Square

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