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T-3 Book Project

Hello All,

I have been mulling over in my mind for some time now embarking on a
project to produce a T-3 book.  As several threads on the list have
shown, these books are non-existent, or in German and obsolete.  Lots of
T-1 and T-2 Books, but none for us.

I can organize well, and express myself well, but I lack the technical
info. necessary to compile such an endevor.  My spelling ability is
lacking, but that's why there's spell-check!  Would members of the list
be willing to E-Mail me info, mail me info, send copies of VW
publications, tech. data, brochures, pics of their cars, etc.?  

This is just an idea that is beginning to solidify in my brain.  Would
probably be difficult to find a publisher for such a miniscule niche in
the automotive hobby culture.  But hey, Staples photocopies, some color
pages inserted, spiral bound....  At least if would be interesting to

I would like to do your typical car history book.  Pre-production and
development tidbits, yearly changes, accessories, pics of different
years, you know the type of book I'm talking about.

Let me know if there is any support out there.  Make your car famous!



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