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Re: Battery Tray Preservation

On Tue, 17 Feb 1998, Damian Clement wrote:

>Just what is an Optima battery anyway? I'm confused!!

Optima battery is a gel cell which I believe was engineered
for aircraft applications.  It is totally sealed, so that 
it won't leak acid (supposedly), and it (supposedly) can
even withstand being cracked open and still not leak.  
Uses some sort of coil, which they make a big deal about 
in the literature.  It can be mounted at any angle, which
is pretty handy.

My six volt Optima was about US$110.  I realize that's an
expensive battery, but, geez, only about twice as expensive
as a typical six volt.  For a car that I've already spent
close to a grand on, that I plan on keeping.  

My only beef about the whole thing was the way my VWFLAPS
*refused* to get me a 6volt Optima (they have a display in 
the store of the 12volt ones).  I buy all my parts there
and they totally were uninterested in selling me a $100 battery.
Even if I was willing to wait a week or whatever.  Ridiculous 
So I went to a battery dealer.  Next time I go in for points or 
tail lights, I'll mention it.  

Time will tell if the battery is what it's purported to be.
I will know when my new cables have not turned to vermilion, 
and my new floor pan is not on the street.

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