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RE: Battery Tray Preservation

A plastic tray made for batteries usually includes dents
and ridges to keep the plastic touching the metal to a 
minimum.   A plastic bag would trap moisture underneath
it, exacerbating the original problem.

I'm facing the same problem.  I 'fixed' it 15 years ago with
sanding and painting, but a larger hole has become evident.
I'll have to get to work one of these days, hope I can afford
an Optima by then, or at least get ONE and use it in both
Sqbk & Bus (of course I'm still in the wannabus category),
quick disconnects and tiedowns, and away I go!

- Jeff   Iwanna21/23windowsunroofDeluxe! for daily driving
'80 Westi  (2)   BOTH FOR SALE
'67 Sqbk    '64 Ford Crewcab 
'87 Subaru 4WD   '97 Nissan Quest
Grass Valley, California, USA
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There's not much room for the battery to move around so any kind of
will work.  Yep, a food container will work just fine.  Personally, I
the Optima battery is the way to go, but it is a tad spendy.  What about

just putting down a Hefty(R) thick ply garbage bag?
 * * * * * * *
Has anyone tried putting their battery in on of those plastic battery 
holders?  Just occured to me that it may be difficult to secure with the

stock battery tie-down thingy.  But maybe some sort of plastic food 
container like tupperware might work.

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