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Re: Floor under battery rust (ideas)

On Sun, 15 Feb 1998, Stan Schaefer wrote:

Hi Stan, thanks for writing!

>It depends on how large the hole is. 

It's as big as the (old) battery, completely rusted through on two sides.
In all probability this is going to require major surgery.  I have
begun the process of wire wheeling and sanding the area.  
I am going to have to find somebody who can weld who I can interest in
fixing this.

>I think.  I looked at those Optima
>batteries, I could buy 20 years worth of regular Interstate ones for
>what they wanted for one locally.  Five years is all you're going to
>get for life on one.  Hope you find out they're worth it.

Five years?  That makes it about $20.00 a year.  I spend more than that
on points and spark plugs.  The main benefit I expect to get from the 
optima battery is less of the corrosion effect.

I'm really amazed at how well my car is working after, let's see,
the optima 6v battery, new battery cables, *removeal* of the F*ord
starter relay, new generator brushes, and a new voltage regulator 
which is a beetle VR that I modified to fit. 

I think the 12v optima battery is a little more $$$, but if it lives 
up to its reputation at all, it's bound to be worth it.   

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