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Update on Maggie

Nothing much is really new.. I should be getting her shell back from the
body shop this week or the first part of the following week.  I have to go
to Boston on Thursday and won't be back until Tuesday.. thus, I assume the

On Tuesday of this past week, my Euro Bumpers and Classic Dash arrived
from Innovations in Fiberglass.  As always, I am very impressed with the
quality of the parts.  Just finished drilling the dash for 6 VDO Heritage
Gold gauges and 5 VDO idiot lamps.  It, and the bumpers, are now in the
hands of my body man who will finish the final cutting and painting.

The new Gene Berg 1776cc longblock has been built for sometime, minus the
heads. The original plan was to go with stock vavles and to rebuild an old
pair of Weber 34 ICT's that I have.  I have since decided against this. 

This weekend I found a pair of NOS Weber 40 DCNF carbs for a good price. 
I just have to provide the manifolds and linkage, both of which are still
available.  Gene Berg has a great set of manifolds for these carbs and
Type3's.  Now that I have decided to use a pair of 2 barrel carbs instead
of single carbs, I should probably go with bigger valves.  It looks like I
will go with a pair of ported and polished CB 044 heads and chromoly
rocker shafts. 

Anyhoo, not much else going on with Maggie.  Pics from the body shop
coming soon I hope.

  \/  John T. Croteau     1971 VW Squareback RestoCustom Project (Maggie)
 \/\/ johnc@geekopolis.com                   http://geekopolis.com/maggie

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