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more stupid questions

ok first of all the oil cooler is cleaning up nicely ( good use of gas I
will through out 'cause I am going to unleaded with the rebuild ) but it
still has got a way's to go.

now I was looking at my engine case and on the drivers side it says "
211.101.101E " I know this is a type 1 case 'cause it still has the dip
stick but is this from a bus ???? and how do I plug up the hole ???? ( had
something on it that denigrated when I touched it. ) so needs to be done
while it is apart ???

any one have any experience on the 4 tip monza like exhaust ???  I think it
is not as heavy as the single quiet pack that I tossed 'cause it was
trashed and while I am on exhaust I was thinking during the summer to plug
the fan to the heater boxes so more air will blow over the engine is this
ok or am I just loopy????

last thing for now I promise any one using a eternal oil filter/cooler. I
want to put one in but I wanted to know if I can put it in after I am
finished with the rebuild ( yes I am going to use the stock oil cooler
also). if so where did you put it???? I am only going to rebuild 1600 but
'cause it is hotter than they were designed for I want to help her out as
much as possible.

ok I am done stick a fork in me

P.S. I am looking for a someone that want's to trade my webbers for the
stock carbs off of there 67 or as long as I can use the chokes in my 12
volt system

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