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Status of the List

Dear Volks,

	Here's the short story on the status of the type3 list.

	First and foremost, I owe a public apology to Steve Bradley.  He
warned me that majordomo, the list software currently used by the provider
I picked for us, is Bad News.  I basically ignored him at the time, and I
shouldn't have.  I sincerely apologize; unfortunately for everyone, Steve
was right.

	(For those who are curious, our provider--alabanza.com--indicates
that majordomo is particularly unhappy when it comes to dealing with
virtual domains, which is causing the trouble here.)

	The list @vwtype3.org has been down now for over two weeks.  Our
provider has decided to abandon majordomo altogether, and they're going to
implement different list software (they're considering listserv and
smartlist).  They expect a delay of several weeks(!) before the new service
is running.

	That's the bad news.

	There *is* some good news...

	We paid for one year of service up front, but they're going to give
us a free ride with all of the services (web site, e-mail auto-responders,
e-mail@vwtype3.org, etc.) until they have us going on the new list.  We
will get the full year of mailing list service (and all of the other
services) that we paid for, starting with the day we're up and running with
the new (non-majordomo) list.

	(We can also pull out altogether--though, considering the effort
required to take root in a new home, I sincerely believe that it's worth
waiting a couple of weeks to get things sorted out.)

	Again, apologies for the current situation.  If we can bear to stay
with the "old" list @umich.edu for a couple of weeks, we're likely to soon
be (virtually) cruising again at 84mph in fourth gear--with beautifully tan

'69 & '71 Squarebacks
'63 Beetle

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